Do You Know What These Holes On The Female Back Indicate?

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Men have long ago affirmed the attraction of two sweet holes on the lower part of the female back.

Do you know what the holes are in the lower part of the female back?

Do You Know What These Holes On The Female Back Indicate?

We usually envy those who have holes on their faces because it is considered to be a reflection of youth, joy and beauty. And have you ever wondered what the holes on your backs mean? Do you have them? If your answer is yes, you are a happy person!

Venus holes are considered hereditary. Not everyone has of these beautiful dents. Most of them have genetic predispositions. They are usually found where two bones connect the pelvis. There is no muscle in the area, and the skin is protected through this gap, so that small depressions or holes appear on the skin, just below the waist.

Scientists have even calculated that they add 20% of sexuality to women and girls. Their beauty and sophistication were first noticed by the ancient Greeks and they were called Venus’s recess. Such a feature of the female figure gives a special charm and sensuality.

Throughout the entire history of a civilized society, sculptors, painters and poets honored this trait. But the interest of society towards this sexual anatomy was not limited.

This was the case until the beginning of the 21st century, while doctors did not deal with this issue.

It turned out that these cute holes are at the place of the union of the pelvic bones. They point to good circulation, and strong health, both for women and men.

Such women usually easily give birth to children, without difficulty and complications. There are also studies proving that women who possess these holes easily achieve orgasms. Sometimes multiple!

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